How to improve phone internet speed

How to improve phone internet speed


Regardless of the country of origin, internet speed must be optimal to meet our needs, whether it’s a direct connection, a mobile or wireless data connection.

The speed of running the device on the internet is in direct connection with how well the gadget we use is optimized.

Optimization takes into account all the applications that make traffic easier and all the steps we can go through to keep running at high standards. Whether we are talking about installing antivirus software, malware programs or dedicated applications such as browser or social media, all this can help the device to run impeccably, quickly and easily.

If you already have a good device optimization, then you can think about how you can optimize your Internet traffic over your mobile phone.

The first and easiest method to check the speed characteristics you get from your internet provider is to perform a speed test. Making such a test takes only a few seconds and is free. There are on-site websites or specialized applications that can show you real-time internet speed.

When the speed is below the limit set in the contract with the internet provider, you need to check several aspects.

First make sure you have not exceeded the invoice payment term and that the disconnection period is not approaching. If you use mobile data, there may be a lack of signal from the area you run on the internet, and if you use a wireless connection or too many people connected to the same internet network, the router is not strong enough that the internet can be properly distributed. Always choose to operate on a private, password-protected internet network. Thus, you may need to either change the router or your internet provider.

Check also how many applications use the Internet permission. There are applications that are constantly using Internet access in the background even if you do not use them constantly. Otherwise, you should not leave the applications open once you’ve finished using them. And when using mobile data it’s recommended that when you do not use the internet to stop this connection, to avoid the use of those applications running in the background or even to send you simple notifications, such as games and / or social networks. This also avoids the consumption of the battery and of the basic resources of the phone.

Try using applications designed for your mobile phone and choose primarily non-memory-consuming versions. There are versions of browsers and applications in different tapes, some more optimized than others. Try to avoid applications from unsafe sources that you find by chance on the internet. Also, it is not recommended to download all sorts of files through the same kind of distrust pages.

Also, instead of storing files directly into your phone’s internal memory, you can save them to your external memory, previously stored on a memory card or by storing them using Google Drive. This may be an aspect when you want to acquire a new, technically and functionally optimal phone.

This helps your phone run impeccably and does not show a barrier when it’s connected to an internet connection.

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