How to protect yourself from malware

How to protect yourself from malware


Often it happens that the device we are accessing, either a smartphone or a desktop, to have certain operating errors.

Whether there are errors that occur since the startup / restart, or they occur along the way, the fault can be from the viruses that are all over the technology. Of course, malwares do not get into operating systems so easy, but they get into the device we use via the internet connection and from accessing potentially damaging pages either through files that are sent online or through applications and social networks. And yes, you can successfully prevent virus infection of your device, which not only hinders any action you do, but can also lead to major malfunctions of the operating system.

It is thousands of times easier to prevent or remedy the issue at the moment, than to postpone it, especially if the symptoms predominate over and over again.

There are cases where improper device operation is not due to virus infection, but it can happen because of a device with a highly charged memory.

Also, there are devices that come with factory viruses, usually Chinese ones, and viruses that, as mentioned earlier, you can get them through a simple connection to a social network, to an infected memory stick / card, through files that have been infected along the way, etc.

Today’s mini-guide will reveal some tricks about how you can figure out why your device is not working properly and how you can prevent malware/Trojan infection.

Tips and tricks for good device function

  • Check internal memory

 The first thing you need to do is check the internal memory of your device. That’s why it’s very important to keep in mind the choice of a device with an internal memory to suit your needs and, as the case may be, allow the attachment of an external memory. If your device is limited, then you are all likely to be malfunctioning due to this.

  • Cleaning no-use apps

If you have notice that your memory is almost full, than try to clean you phone from the apps that you don’t use very often or even to delete from the files that you don’t need. Try to use apps adjusted for your device and if they are any alternatives, search for those that doesn’t occupy much memory.

  • Download only from safe sources

You can download applications from anywhere, but it would be better to be careful about choosing the source.

Always choose to download files from trusted sites, such as the device market or authorized sites. Do not download anything at random. Even a random shot may contain viruses. Also, be very careful about the specifics of the sites you access, a madness that can infect your device with viruses with a simple click.

  • Install an antivirus with license and / or ad blocker

There are many trustworthy vendors that specialize in fighting virus infections by accessing a site or downloading a file / viewing an ad.

At the same time, these applications show you whether a site is trustworthy or not.

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