Tools and apps for finding the right information

Tools and apps for finding the right information


The fact that you can find so much information online is a very useful thing. Many of the things you are looking for, theoretical and practical aspects, can be found on different sites and forums, shortening the entire procedure.

Moreover, the library has been replaced by the virtual library, so you can find most of the services and information directly from home at any time. It’s much easier to connect with your device to the Internet and get access to everything that’s called “information”. It is also known that scientific information is not always the most accurate and often can even be erroneous.

But when there are so many ideas, it can be difficult to find the exact idea / thing you want. Whether we are talking about coincident information or products and services, we can significantly reduce search times through tools and applications designed for both desktop and portable devices.

And, when it comes to technical aspects of improving the operation of mobile devices, there may also be too many ideas that you may not have time to test all of them. Let’s see which are the most practical!

Tools and apps for finding the right information

  • Cortana

Cortana is a virtual personality that has the ability to search for any information following a voice command. So if you want to organize your time better, you can give it any command of this virtual assistant that he will run and find anything you whant.

  • Establish keywords for Google

The most useful trick to finding accurate information in a short time is to look for your needs through the right keywords.

What are keywords? Is a combination of two or three words (sometimes even one) that are extremely relevant to what you are looking for. The more words describe the problem / the deeper the greater the chances of finding exactly what you need. Even marketing strategies also turn around these keywords. And also online products and services suppliers gives you the opportunity to search specific the thing that you want in this way.

  • Use Google Image

The appearance of Google Images, the latest featuring from Google, it allows you to search for the relevant information and find out more about the source of origin. All the more so in the present times when photographs and diagrams successfully replace words and explanations. Through photos, the information is synthesized and easy to decipher and this tool will help you be more organized.

Even the most diversified online stores offers the opportunity to find in this way for the things you want.

  • Youtube

Youtube can be one of the best inspiration when it comes to services, products and information. Here you will find a true community of influences that invest in quality content and can help you find out what you want. No prestigious influencer who invests in his work, will not provide erroneous information.

But, for example, when looking for information on optimizing the services offered by a gadget, do not forget to use those relevant keywords again.

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